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'A beautiful fusion of traditional dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic movements'. This class focuses upon acrobatic technique and will shall enhance children's flexibility, strength, as-well as their balancing, limbering and tumbling skills. This class works towards the Acrobatic Arts medals syllabus, which gives students the opportunity to work their way through the grades and gain qualifications upon completion. ​

Fun Dance

'No pressure, just fulfilment' meaning children who partake in this class do not have to perform/compete if they choose not to. This allows children the opportunity to have fun while learning a range of dance styles and advancing their physical ability. 


Freestyle Disco 

Freestyle dance is a fast-paced, expressive and varied dance style, performed to popular chart music and requires a high level of energy and flexibility due to the runs, spins, kicks and leaps involved. This class works towards medals via the I.D.T.A. Freestyle syllabus which assists pupils in working towards and obtaining their medals and rosette awards within Freestyle Disco.



Lyrical dance is a style that focuses upon lyrics within music, which inspires the dance movement. Student's of all ages are encouraged to use freedom of expression to enhance this style, allowing a specific emotion, story or theme to be portrayed. ​



'Flexibility is vital to any dancer's development'. This class includes a range of partner and individual stretches to help improve overall flexibility. Teachers will support pupils 1-to-1 to ensure correct alignment and placement during stretches. This shall assist in the progressions of becoming more flexible and enhance pupil's overall performance ability. 

Private Tuition

Private Lessons are available on a 1 to 1 basis or groups of up to 4 in all dance forms. Private tuition caters to your needs and therefore can assist with exam preparation, assisting with a new syllabus, improving technique for a competition or generally enhancing skills. Please note cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the lesson is non-refundable.

**Please contact us today for our timetable information**

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